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Located here will be your classic guides, rules, canon roster, and other such informational tools for both the forum and roleplay.

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by X-Naut
Oct 2, 2017 20:06:03 GMT -5

Any updates or news regarding the roleplay or forum will be posted here.

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character design

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All pending and inactive profiles will be located here. The profile template is also located inside.

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by Máy hút ẩm nhỏ giá thấp có giá
Sept 16, 2021 9:37:46 GMT -5
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This is where you will find all of the approved characters. If you see a character in the wrong place, please let us know through the Giant Help Thread.

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Oct 2, 2017 20:00:38 GMT -5

character development


Purchase all your magical goodies in here. Things such as items, upgrades, and rank-ups. This is also where you can update abilities, change magic types and fix mistakes.

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This is where we deal with jewels and missions. You will find information about creating missions, performing missions and turning in missions. You will also see information about transferring jewels between your accounts.

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by Kyou
Oct 8, 2017 11:51:47 GMT -5

role play design


There is no history section in profiles, so if you would like to post one, do so here!

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All plots searches for characters are located here.

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Plotting for groups (i.e. guilds) are located here with their own sub-board. If you have a custom character group of at least 10 active people, you can request your own board.

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Inside you can post thread and character trackers to keep yourself organized and on top of things.

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by Tsyhtema Irohai
Oct 6, 2017 6:22:59 GMT -5

Kingdom of Fiore: Towns & Villages


Magnolia Town is located on the southern most part of the country Fiore. It has a population of 60,000 inhabitants and is a merchant city that has been prosperous in magic since the ancient era.

inside: East Forest, Magnolia Station, Southgate Park

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Hargeon Town is a port in the southeast. A vast amount of shops can be found here, and it is akin to a bazaar as the town's primary feature is trading. There is only one magic shop here, however, as most people in the town are not mages.

inside: Docks, Pier

2 17 In a strange land... [Open - Social]
by Rosalina Fleur
Oct 3, 2017 13:10:28 GMT -5
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Probably one of the richest towns in all of Fiore, it is located down south on the edges of the mountainous terrain. It is relatively small and beautiful, where a lot of people travel through. It is also home to the guild, Blue Pegasus.

inside: Blue Pegasus Guild, Forgotten Mansion, Playground, Shopping Center

5 23 Zetta Slow [Mission | Closed]
by Nadia Zapot
Sept 26, 2017 15:31:54 GMT -5

A town most notable for its theater, Onibas Town proves to be a very cultural and flourishing city. With several shops and markets, you can virtually buy anything here.

inside: Bang Bang Bar, Museum of Fine Arts, Onibas Station, Theater

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Oshibana is quite a bustling town with nothing too notorious tied to its name. It is connected to Magnolia, somewhat of a dread for its citizens. Much industry and trading can be done here.

inside: Oshibana Station, Snake Street

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This is a quaint and simple little town. The villagers like to keep to themselves. They like their simplicity, and they preferred if it was kept that way.

inside: Diner

1 11 Fall of the Phantom Traid [Closed/Mission]
by Galahad Hildebrand
Aug 30, 2017 2:17:33 GMT -5
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In the northeast on the mountains is Oak Town, a place that is very serene and surrounded by countless nature items, such as the river that cuts through, the vibrant green trees, and the rocky terrain. It is also home to the Fairy Tail Guild.

inside: Fairy Tail Guild, Nature Trail

4 37 Visiting the Fairies~ [Open Social]
by Lani Edaj
Oct 5, 2017 6:34:38 GMT -5

Here, a magic school is located. It trains humans to form their magic and then hone their abilities. It is an illegal school, but many still attend class here. Students who join and are younger than 12 are placed in pre-training. Afterward, the actual training begins. Most students graduate by age 18, but some adults tend to enroll anyway. Teachers must be at least C-class.

1 2 Potion Making 101 [Open house - Open to all]
Sept 9, 2017 8:13:01 GMT -5

This is the town of relaxation. It has many hot springs and spas for tourists and travelers. Many people simply come here to get away from everything and take a break from life.

inside: Hot Springs, Spa

2 5 Bodyguard for Hire - [Open Social]
Sept 13, 2017 0:56:48 GMT -5
Angeline Avatar

This is like the Las Vegas of Fairy Tail. People come here to get married, find love, make mistakes, get fubar, etc.

inside: Casino

1 4 absolute zero [c]
by Angeline
Sept 29, 2017 1:13:53 GMT -5

This is quite the bustling city that is most notably somewhat of a religious center to Fiore. It houses a grandiose Church that many travel to visit. Most of the people who live in this town are religious and kind-hearted.

inside: Cathedral

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As the capital city of Fiore, this is also the country's largest city. Flowers line the streets of this beautiful city, up to the castle of Fiore's king.

inside: Mercurius

5 14 School Girl Blues [Social/Closed]
by Millia Lawrence
Sept 30, 2017 19:07:31 GMT -5

Era is a very large town with civilized folks who specialize in various trades. In the center of Era is the Magic Council. The Magic Council is the governing body of light guilds and tries to maintain order and protect Earthland from evil magic use. The Rune Knights are here.

inside: Rune Knight Headquarters

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Located on the southern coast of Fiore, overlooking the atlean sea corridor, this town is one of the most important harbors in Fiore. A relatively young town, the buildings all look quite modern, and many a corporate business has settled here. Additionally, the guild Raven Tail is based here.

inside: Raven Tail Guild

3 11 Gathering the Unkindness! (Raven Tail, Social)
Sept 26, 2017 21:10:49 GMT -5

Kingdom of Fiore: Other

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Mt. Hakobe is a mountain range that is always encased in several layers of snow and ice. Living in its freezing weather are monsters and beasts of all kinds. It is unwise to travel here unless you can stand such weather and protect yourself from the beasts that dwell here.

inside: Lone Cabin

1 5 Away from Civilization...[Open - Social]
by Ashley Maxwell
Sept 29, 2017 19:31:24 GMT -5
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Web Valley is very large and stretches past one's horizon. There are countless breaks and splits in the ground, and most people who travel here get lost and never return.

2 18 The end of the shadow [Closed/Mission]
by Rosalina Fleur
Sept 16, 2017 1:39:35 GMT -5

This place is the ultimate fun-filled experience. It has a beautiful beach, a five-star hotel, an amusement park, and a lovely atmosphere.

inside: Amusement Park, Beach

2 9 Aquatica [invite]
Oct 10, 2017 3:46:02 GMT -5
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Galuna is a relatively small island inhabited by demons. Although the rumor that it was cursed has been dispelled, many still believe it to be so and rarely travel there.

1 5 The Relic of the Cursed Moon! [Open/Mission]
by Millia Lawrence
Sept 26, 2017 16:57:03 GMT -5
Millia Lawrence Avatar

The name pretty much covers what this place is exactly. Out west is a landscape filled with ruins, and is pretty much vacant compared to the other thriving towns in Fiore.

inside: Abyss

1 7 The Relic of the Divide! [Closed Mission]
by Millia Lawrence
Sept 1, 2017 20:59:03 GMT -5
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A forestry expanse in northern Fiore. It is home to countless magical creatures that seek to live separately from humans. Traveling through the forest is dangerous for normal humans because they never know what they will run into.

inside: Worth Woodsea

2 12 Apples Doritos [Mission/Invite]
by Tsyhtema Irohai
Oct 7, 2017 13:14:13 GMT -5

Countries of Earthland

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Pergrande Kingdom is one of the largest countries in Earthland. The northern areas tend to be quite frigid and desolate, while the southwestern areas take on an Arabian-motif, with cities centered around water oases. While they have a strong military, they don’t have many mages. Therefore they have begun to outsource jobs to the guilds of Fiore.

inside: The Diamt Ruins, The Royal City

3 5 A Day in the Park [Open - Social]
by Ashlyn Castaes
Sept 27, 2017 20:09:35 GMT -5
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A lot of shady things happen in Bosco. It is notorious for slave trading and drug empires. Crime syndicates are often stationed here, and it is far from a family-friendly place to live. It's all about business here, and the weak are often robbed of everything they have.

inside: Blindeye Pass [PvP], Zaidevan Town

1 1 Boarder of Evil [Part 1- Open Mission]
by Ashlyn Castaes
Sept 2, 2017 20:58:57 GMT -5

Minstrel is the country of arts. When one thinks of Minstrel, they think of art, fashion, music, beauty and love. In between its majestic and large cities are vast beautiful plains. This is certainly a great place to visit during your vacation. The two most prominent cities are Seone and Fabtalia.

inside: Seone, Fabtalia

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Overshadowed by its large neighbor, Minstrel, Midi is a country filled with poverty and strife. Here, people still use straws for their homes, and have no government to speak of. Rebel groups streak across the land, terrorizing the citizens. Child soldiers are a common sight here. A remotely barren land, Midi is not a place one wants to grow up in.

inside: Ring of Blood [PvP], Durmais

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As its name suggests, this land is entirely desert. Many sandstorms strike Desierto, and there oases are sparse. The temperature jerks from blistering during the day to freezing at night. Most people find it difficult to adapt here, but there are a few civilizations toward the outer deserts.

inside: Anasa Town

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Despite its name, Sin is actually a nice place to visit if you don't stray too close to the ghettos. The inland harbors rain forests and water falls with a few lakes. The St. Devils guild is located here, deep in the rain forests.

inside: St. Devils Guild, Rain Forest, Taranova Town

1 6 Rain Maker [Mission]
by Rosalina Fleur
Sept 19, 2017 22:26:24 GMT -5

Enca is an island right next to Sin. The island relies on merchant trade in order to survive. Most places are high-society with a few projects located in between each city. Poverty isn't drastic, but is there.

inside: Jungle

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These are other countries that exist within Earthland.

inside: Aeria, Seven, Iceberg, Stella, Caelum, Joya

1 10 History of Ciredia [Mission]
Sept 12, 2017 11:35:02 GMT -5

The Misfit Locations


A parallel world similar, yet different from Earthland. It is a world with similar faces and similar locations, but they are all different in some way.

inside: Royal City

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A Cube shaped island that floats through the air. This is the home of the guild Tartaros. While the surface has water and land, to actually enter the guild requires the guild's mark.

inside: Tartaros Guild

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The Sabertooth Headquarter's location is unknown even by its members. From within it appears to be a castle shaped building, but there is no way to exit the place. Those that try only end up finding new areas of the castle like structure. To access the guild requires using specialized mirrors scattered around Earthland.

1 3 Speechwriting [invite]
by Vritra Nilakanta
Oct 5, 2017 13:03:51 GMT -5

All Celestial Spirits spend their time in the Celestial Spirit World when not called through by their summoners. Being in the World seems to have some sort of rejuvenating effect on the spirits, restoring their health after being in the human world. On the site, we allow player CSs to stay in the human world as long as they want. A mage cannot enter the Celestial World unless they are wearing clothing from the CW.

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The holy ground of Fairy Tail. Though this island sits alone on the sea, it can only be accessed by members of the guild. Others that try to find it will find themselves lost.

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Situated west of Crocus is a large arena. Hundreds of seats surround a square ring where fighters compete day in and day out. This is a location for characters to fight for jewels and reputation. It is the perfect way to prepare for the site's Biannual Tournament.

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1 51 An Act of Gog [Mission/Closed]
by Xyno Bijan
Oct 15, 2017 7:18:56 GMT -5

ooc land


New or leaving for a bit? Let us know here. Rage quits fully acceptable. P.S. the only way to keep a canon spot safe is if you have an away note.

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All chat can go in here! Forum games are also located inside if you're feeling particularly bored.

inside: IC Board, Games & Activities

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If you have any questions or concerns, please post them here and a staff member will get back to you as soon as possible. A FAQ, serving as a directory for all past questions, is also located inside. Guest friendly.

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by winterslove
Dec 17, 2020 4:58:46 GMT -5
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If you like to do graphics, AMVs, poetry, etc. Post it here for the world to see. Maybe you can even find someone to make you a signature.

14 71 Videns' Tests
by videns99
Apr 15, 2019 12:18:26 GMT -5


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This is where you will find all of the site's current and previous events. All events require characters to sign up!

inside: Grand Magic Games (Summer 2017), Attack On Bliss 2017

18 332 [Round 1] The Gauntlet [Okua, Suri, Ayano]
by Okua Kreeps
Jun 22, 2017 20:30:14 GMT -5

All old role play and other threads are located inside for your convenience.

inside: FTB 8.0 Roleplay Threads, FTB 8.0 Other Threads

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ADVERTISEMENTS ( 1 lurking )

Inside you will find advertisements and affiliations. Proboards & JCink only. Guest friendly.

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